For those unfortunate real estate investors who now own an unwanted condo, perhaps renting the property is answer to those pressing cash flow problems. Well, renting sometimes has its problems as this landlord in DC reported on craigslist. He felt it necessary to issue a warning about a predatory tenant hunting unwary landlords in the nation's capital.

Read it and fear.......
"Beware if you are in the market for a roommate or tenant I just had a protective order filed against someone who did about 10k in damage to my place in 3 months. All crimial background checks came back clean.

This person is very charming and attractive. Blond hair blue eyes and big pecs about 5'11. He moves in, promptly gets fired from his job then starts drinking all of your private stock of liq/wines and or fills bottles with water. All crimial background checks came back clean because he uses the civil court system.

Once he has keys to your place it will take you months to get him out. All of the laws in DC protect the tenant only. The landloard or roommate is helpless to get him out before he begins his damage. The damage includes stuffing 32 months of pans with food under the bed to attract rats and roaches while you are attempting to get him out he is reporting you to the housing authority as a slum lord. He would open tuna cans halfway and pack all this food with towels and blankets under the bed. When you stop over to view will have a bottle of bleach open to mask the smell. He opened my mail and obtained my SSN bank statements and financial history.

He broke the dishwasher by putting plastic spoons and forks in it to melt. He broke an expensive can opener then hid it. He vomited all over the furnished room then hid it. He threw dishes out windows and stole items from other people in the building. Unfortunatly I did not find this out until I came back into town from michigan to find him still in my place in january.

His lease was only for October and November be he had no intention of leaving or paying rent. When he was removed on the protective order he was forced to take only what he could carry. By then he had moved my belongings into his truck. The police informed me that he had every right to things in my condo if he had keys, this includes removing my property to his truck. He stole property from other people then smashed it outside once the Protective order passed. He stole 3 bikes inside the building when he was asked to move his bike from outside.

In the things he left behind I found evidence that the did the same thing to another gay person in Atlanta and still another in Miami. He left behind library books like "how to beat a landloard in court" and "Every Tenants rights"."