What do you have to do in order to become a Californian mortgage broker? According to this advertising, it takes just two things; attend a two-day course and write a cheque for $3,995. After that, it appears that you can sell mortgages to anyone dumb enough to listen to your sales pitch. I don't know about you, but I feel like a career change. If it is this easy, then I am signing up.

I just love this sales pitch:

"The First Loan Broker Training Program that Guarantees You Will Become a Professional Mortgage Broker Certified and Licensed by the State of California, or Your Money Back -- in Only 2 Intensive Days, with Absolutely No Tests, and No Experience or Degree Required all for one fee of only $3,995!"

I keep saying this, but there really isn't any mystery why the housing market is sliding into the abyss.