How should we prepare for retirement? Should we save using mutual funds or play the lottery? If you answered "mutual funds" Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki asks you to think again. In this article, he uses the dubious logic that since both mutual funds and lotteries are "uncontrolled" gambles, there isn't much to choose between the two. How about expected returns Robert? Most of us seem to find a 5 percent return on their honestly earned wealth a more attractive investment proposition to a one in a gazillion chance of being a multi-millionaire.

Personally, I always thought that Kiyosaki had nothing useful to say. Happily I haven't bought one of his books, though I did quickly skim-read one while having a coffee at Barnes and Noble. His investment approach could best be summarized as contempt for his loving father plus a belief in real estate. He also used that real estate victim- Casey Serin - cynically as a self promotion vehicle. It was unforgivable but unsurprising.

Read the article, laugh and seek out the weak investment disclaimer.